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Web Design Trends in 2012

It’s always fun to speculate on what might be around the next corner. Design is a constantly evolving entity, full of its own life. It’s interesting to think that a little nudge from anyone in the design community might have a profound effect on how we view things in the future.

Web Design Trends in 2012


How To Create Great Web Typography

The tried and true rules of print design still apply to web design. This article serves as a refresher for those familiar with the structures of printed typography, but with a modern web twist.

How To Create Great Web Typography

Quick Link – Lorem Ipsum

Just about all designers know what lorem ipsum is… well, not what it means obviously, but what it’s function is. That’s right, it’s placeholder text. One of the great timesavers when you don’t have the copy that your client will be using.

Today’s link is to HTML-Ipsum, a site containing filler text for various HTML needs. Bookmark it and save yourself time in your website design.

Productivity Tips For Running A Web Design Business

Here’s a great one from one of the gurus of great web design, Paul Boag. Productivity Tips

I have been a follower of Mr. Boag’s for years now, a regular listener to his podcast, and his insight has opened up a lot of doors for me. Check out his blog at boagworld.com and listen to his recently revamped podcast on iTunes. The podcast is set up in such a way that he divides it up into seasons based on who he is addressing (ie. Season 1 is aimed towards website owners, Season 2 towards the web designer). Regardless of this, there is great usable information for web designers in every podcast.

Do’s and Dont’s for Creating Your Online Presence

What do your potential clients find when they search for information about you online? Are there any skeletons you might not want the people you are in business with to see?

It’s something designers need to think about, especially in a world where snapshots and comments aren’t necessarily going to remain private very long. Salary.com has posted a list of some do’s and dont’s that might help you put your best foot forward.

Do’s and Dont’s for Creating Your Online Presence.