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Type-based Architecture

Whether you were aware of it at the time or not, you have probably seen representations of typography in architecture. At least when it comes to some sort of promo piece. Dramatic architectural lines can be a great start for a highly-recognizable piece, causing most of us to do a double-take. The Guggenheim poster by Chermayeff & Geismar Associates, which can be found at the AIGA design archives, is a great example of this- offering the information it needs to convey in an instantly recognizable, eye-catching form.

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The Story Behind Paul Rand’s NeXT logo


All designers are familiar with the work of Paul Rand. Most know that among his most notable logos (which include Westinghouse, IBM & Cummins) is the NeXT computers logo. It’s planned simplicity suggests nothing about the actual depth that went into the creation of this logo. Put simply, its as much a work of art as any of the great minimalist masterpieces. Continue reading The Story Behind Paul Rand’s NeXT logo

Motion Graphic: 29 Ways To Stay Creative

Motion Graphics seem to be an up and coming way of conveying data. Who wants a boring old PowerPoint presentation when you can have creative, entertaining AND informative motion graphics?

A good example of this is 29 Ways To Stay Creative. It has strong, clean composition with enough of an entertaining factor to hold your attention.


The Essentials of Typography… Condensed into an Infographic

Typography Infographic

I’m sure anyone who regularly reads this blog knows my passion for infographics. I can’t explain it, I can’t control it. It just is.

Today I offer you the most streamlined of typography and layout primers in infographic form. It does a decent job of summing up the basics from the early Graphic Design classes you struggled through. Check it out here on the TAXI site.