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Jon Contino: Illustration from the Heart of New York

Logo for Jon ContinoNew York is full of illustrators of all kinds, serious and silly, extravagant and minimalistic. Many grace the world’s best loved publications while others sink into obscurity. All of them have that one thing in common, they have New York as their home.

But Jon Contino is a true “New York Illustrator.” His work pulls from a history of city living and a deep knowledge of what it really is to be a New Yorker. To examine his work, one finds a love for old-style Americana, shot through with nautical themes and a deceptively casual implementation of hard-earned skill. Illustrations that could be relics from a bygone era are charged with life and hand-drawn lettering that speaks of a personal familiarity with the past, all step forth from his drawing board and into the light of modern New York City. Continue reading Jon Contino: Illustration from the Heart of New York