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The Art of The Concert Poster

Anthony Dihle gig poster
Gig poster by artist Anthony Dihle

The Gig Poster Designer is one of Designs most creative, and consistently underpaid, children. The mere mention of a “budget” gets most of them snickering, however their creativity seems to blossom in such restricted situations. Continue reading The Art of The Concert Poster


Vintage Posters for New Movies

Vintage Posters of Newer Movies

The past reaches out to the present, and what better to touch upon than the modern movie poster! These examples of classy treatments of newer movies just beg to be framed. Feel like getting your hands on one? Many are available for purchase. Go to the bottom of the page and click the name of the movie for the link. Or you can go straight to the source for many of these by looking for Monster Gallery on Etsy.

Vintage Posters

More On Infographics


All my readers recognize, and hopefully accept, my preoccupation with infographics. Overused, maybe. Wonderful? Definitely!

Beyond their obvious appeal, they have an uncanny ability to communicate information effectively. Humans are very visually oriented creatures so images are going to carry more weight with us than tons of copy. Continue reading More On Infographics

Totally Typography: 18 Textual Packaging Designs

It’s virtually impossible to separate Graphic Design from Typography. The two are a perfect pair for communicating your message.

But when it comes to type-focused layouts, many fall short. Many designers have issues using type as an actual graphic element rather than just punctuation for the rest of the layout.

Steph from the Web Urbanist pinpoints some great packaging projects that emphasize that all important element… type.