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Freelancing Tips From Lifehacker

I’ve been a follower of Lifehacker.com for a while now. They have excellent reviews and posts on just about everything.

This past week they covered freelancing, which I know is the ultimate goal of many of my former students. Here are a couple of links to posts they covered in their Podcast. I would definitely suggest subscribing to their Podcast, it’s usually only a few minutes long but packed full of great information and links.

How To Start Freelancing (Without Quitting Your Job)

Top 10 Tips and Tools For Freelancers



Do’s and Dont’s for Creating Your Online Presence

What do your potential clients find when they search for information about you online? Are there any skeletons you might not want the people you are in business with to see?

It’s something designers need to think about, especially in a world where snapshots and comments aren’t necessarily going to remain private very long. Salary.com has posted a list of some do’s and dont’s that might help you put your best foot forward.

Do’s and Dont’s for Creating Your Online Presence.

Beyond Design

When it comes to web design freelancers, most of us regularly fall short in the same area… relating to our clients.

As most of you probably have discovered, there are clients we can work amazingly well with and there are those we can’t.

This article might give you a leg up when dealing with clients and your work successfully.

vandelay design

Good Advice for the Freelancer

Stumbled upon this blog entry by accident but it makes perfect sense.

Two things I want to add to this list… it’s important to get real world experience before you try going it on your own. I would recommend at least three years working for an agency, firm, etc.

Also, if you can get a variety of experience then that is better than just riding it out at one place. If you want to focus on print, make certain that at the very least you work closely with a printer.