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The Essentials of Typography… Condensed into an Infographic

Typography Infographic

I’m sure anyone who regularly reads this blog knows my passion for infographics. I can’t explain it, I can’t control it. It just is.

Today I offer you the most streamlined of typography and layout primers in infographic form. It does a decent job of summing up the basics from the early Graphic Design classes you struggled through. Check it out here on the TAXI site.


Type in Web Design

When it comes to basic Web Page layout, there are only a few font styles to choose from.

Fonts available for web

The reason for this is there aren’t many standard typefaces that are shared by every operating system. If you choose a typeface outside of the above list then be prepared to create an image of it if you want it to display correctly.

Now there are more advanced font management systems available online, including a free one managed by Google that I mentioned in a previous post, but these can become complicated fast. For our current purposes we should stick with the above listed fonts.

Free fonts

I’ll try to post soon about Dreamweaver and more Photoshop. Thanks to those who have taken the survey as it will help me know how to direct this blog in the future.

I wanted to talk for just a second about some of the fonts you can find online. Linotype always has some great professional offerings but they usually cost $100 and up so here are a few free font sites for you…

Dafont – This is one that I hit fairly often, however beware, a lot of what you come across here is just not good.

Font Squirrel – not much to choose from here but all are professional and free to use commercially as well. There are a few shining gems here.

Myfonts – has some decent free ones but most of the selection is between $40 and $199. Even so, if you find one or two really good ones that don’t cost much, they are worth holding on to.

Google Font API
– Ok, this doesn’t work the way a lot of font libraries do, this is actually for web use and even though what they have is very limited, it’s nice to see a free way of using fonts online that you won’t get in trouble for.

There are about a million and a half font foundries out there, but try not to be taken in, much of what is free isn’t worth messing with. However, if you search diligently, you’ll find a few diamonds in the ruff.