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Getting Bad Client Feedback? Make A Poster!

We’ve all heard it dozens of times. That feedback that clients give that makes absolutely no sense. Whether they want you to rotate someone in a photo or they love what you did, they just want it to be completely different. We’ve all been there.

Mark Shanley has decided to take these very same criticisms, ones we’ve all heard in one form or another, and turn them into some very entertaining posters. Check them out at the Chive.


The Art of Logo Design

Everywhere you look, logos surround you. From the car you drive to the clothes you wear, the products you buy and the companies you rely on, everything is branded.

It’s this concept, the logo and what lies behind it, that PBS has chosen to focus on in a recent episode of it’s Off Book series. Giving a brief overview, history and guide to technique, PBS delves into one of the most fascinating and well-used elements of our time.

World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer

This tongue-in-cheek summary of life as a working Graphic Designer spells out many of the woes we find in the office, letter by improperly kerned letter. Marco Kaye, a New Jersey-based creative director, discusses his life at mismanaged companies and describes how at one company he learned “how not to design”.

You can read the entire résumé here, at mcsweenys.net

What They Don’t Teach You About Identity Design in Design Schools

Today’s post doesn’t feature any flashy methods for creating graphics or cool design ideas. This one takes us back to reality with a good healthy dose of what a designer really does.  This one is important for design students, recent graduates or anyone who isn’t quite sure what their job as a designer is really about. It’s a fairly short read which gets right to the meat of things. Check it out at Identity Forum.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design


Today’s post focuses on, you guessed it, the infographic. But not on the infographic itself; how to design it.

As a designer, especially if you’re a general print designer, you never really know what’s going to be waiting around the next corner. Whether it is a billboard, poster, book, postcard, etc.- there is almost always something new to work on from week to week. When it comes to infographics, there are a few special rules to take into consideration.

Enter Amy Balliett’s article for smashingmagazine.com. It covers some of the more critical aspects of designing an infographic that might otherwise have escaped attention. It has some wonderful basic advice that is applicable.

Did I mention Amy is co-founder of Killer Infographics in Seattle? The name says it all.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design

A New Book Digs Into How We Perceive Symbols

Angus Hyland and an all-star panel of designers drew a large crowd to a discussion on the nature of a good symbol and what makes them so appealing. The event was in support of Hyland’s book, “Symbol”.

This article from Salon.com covers the basis of the discussion and, oddly enough, the panels wardrobe choices. It’s worth a read just to get a feel for how some of the big names think, though I think it’s bigger purpose should be to draw attention to what might be a very excellent resource for designers. If I ever manage to get a copy I’ll post a review.