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Why Designers Shouldn’t Do Spec Work

No Spec Work

There has been a debate in design circles for years about whether spec work is productive or destructive to the designer. Arguments can be made for both sides and sites exist that support both views and profit from them.

As for my personal opinion, I only support it if it falls under the category of personal work, meant to show your skills or stretch your creative muscle.

It seems the crew at Topic Simple shares the same view and has created a video to support it. It’s short and sweet, giving intelligent definitions and arguments to support their belief. Check it out below and hit their website here to view more of their videos.



World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer

This tongue-in-cheek summary of life as a working Graphic Designer spells out many of the woes we find in the office, letter by improperly kerned letter. Marco Kaye, a New Jersey-based creative director, discusses his life at mismanaged companies and describes how at one company he learned “how not to design”.

You can read the entire résumé here, at mcsweenys.net

What They Don’t Teach You About Identity Design in Design Schools

Today’s post doesn’t feature any flashy methods for creating graphics or cool design ideas. This one takes us back to reality with a good healthy dose of what a designer really does.  This one is important for design students, recent graduates or anyone who isn’t quite sure what their job as a designer is really about. It’s a fairly short read which gets right to the meat of things. Check it out at Identity Forum.

5 Bad Client Types Graphic Designers Must Avoid!

This article pinpoints some of the key problematic client types. Of course the list can go on from here, but it gives some good info as to what you should avoid and how to spot them.

My personal opinion is all clients should be taken on based on what the designer is willing/able to deal with. Though there are those very few perfect client/designer relationships, the majority will be problematic to a greater or lesser extent. Depending on the designer’s own experiences and people skills, they should judge what they feel would be a suitable client for them.

Remember, you pick your clients, they don’t necessarily pick you.

5 Bad Client Types Graphic Designers Must Avoid! at graphicdesignblog.org