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Buncha Links

Usually when I come across some good articles, I like to post links to them for you. Today I’ve found an abundance of good stuff so give this a shot. Continue reading Buncha Links


Is it possible to be JUST a Graphic Designer?

I know that asking this question is opening a can of worms that some might think is best left alone, however it’s become a question I increasingly ask myself, and therefore, think it’s worth discussing.

I know many designers that think of themselves as strictly print designers. Their work all points in this direction, however they are occasionally approached to do something like web design, illustration or animation. While some of us look at this as extra work and would gladly take it on, a few see it almost as an insult to their profession.

So is it really possible to simply be a designer and nothing else? Continue reading Is it possible to be JUST a Graphic Designer?