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Why Designers Shouldn’t Do Spec Work

No Spec Work

There has been a debate in design circles for years about whether spec work is productive or destructive to the designer. Arguments can be made for both sides and sites exist that support both views and profit from them.

As for my personal opinion, I only support it if it falls under the category of personal work, meant to show your skills or stretch your creative muscle.

It seems the crew at Topic Simple shares the same view and has created a video to support it. It’s short and sweet, giving intelligent definitions and arguments to support their belief. Check it out below and hit their website here to view more of their videos.


Motion Graphic: 29 Ways To Stay Creative

Motion Graphics seem to be an up and coming way of conveying data. Who wants a boring old PowerPoint presentation when you can have creative, entertaining AND informative motion graphics?

A good example of this is 29 Ways To Stay Creative. It has strong, clean composition with enough of an entertaining factor to hold your attention.