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Rethinking the way you take your morning coffee and newspaper

There are few things more single purpose oriented than the coffee cup sleeve. Other than keeping your fingers from getting burned, what purpose does it really serve?

Now the ad agency Y&R Dubai has rethought these little disposable wonders, making them the bearers of both your coffee and morning news. The Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton’s can now serve up coffee with tweets of the latest news as well as a URL or QR code so customers can read the full story.

I’ll be interested to see what the next generation of this idea brings.

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Jakob Nielsen: Transmedia Design for the 5 Screens

Jakob Nielsen is often seen as a web guru, knowing all the ins and outs of how things work and frequently predicting what changes will occur in the industry.

This article gives his take on the changing formats of web viewers and what this means to the desktop computer.

Transmedia Design for the 3 Screens (Make That 5)