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23 of The Most Hilariously Unfortunate Ad Placements

Bad Ad Placement

In advertising, placement has a lot to do with how the advertiser is seen. Business Insider has 23 examples of terrible placement which will have you in stitches.

23 of The Most Hilariously Unfortunate Ad Placements.


The Art of Logo Design

Everywhere you look, logos surround you. From the car you drive to the clothes you wear, the products you buy and the companies you rely on, everything is branded.

It’s this concept, the logo and what lies behind it, that PBS has chosen to focus on in a recent episode of it’s Off Book series. Giving a brief overview, history and guide to technique, PBS delves into one of the most fascinating and well-used elements of our time.

Recycling Retro: Consumer Products Come Full Circle

Most in their 30’s and 40’s can probably remember the cheerful marketing of their favorite household products in bygone days. From the lovable grump Mr. Whipple’s “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin”, to the charming child playfully hiding beneath a blanket on the Downy bottle. This type of cheer and smile-generating appeal has been usurped by the “no-spill spout” and “new and improved” packaging elements of modern life. With progress has come drop-shadowed type and gradients used so frequently today to create bold but rather sterile layouts in product packaging. Continue reading Recycling Retro: Consumer Products Come Full Circle

Disgusting Advance in Printing Technology

When I was in sixth grade or so, apparel with color changing properties was popular… for all of about five minutes. The way this worked is the color would change based on body heat, so areas where your skin was in direct content with the fabric would turn a different color than those areas that weren’t. You can imagine how interested and potentially disgusting this could be. These “mood outfits” quickly went away, thankfully like most things popular in the 80’s, but they seem to have spawned something interesting, but in a bad way. Continue reading Disgusting Advance in Printing Technology

Is it possible to be JUST a Graphic Designer?

I know that asking this question is opening a can of worms that some might think is best left alone, however it’s become a question I increasingly ask myself, and therefore, think it’s worth discussing.

I know many designers that think of themselves as strictly print designers. Their work all points in this direction, however they are occasionally approached to do something like web design, illustration or animation. While some of us look at this as extra work and would gladly take it on, a few see it almost as an insult to their profession.

So is it really possible to simply be a designer and nothing else? Continue reading Is it possible to be JUST a Graphic Designer?