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Muse Beta 3

I’ve already gone into a fair amount of detail about Muse in a previous post, so if you are looking for a general description or the main features, click the link.   For now I am going to cover the updates. Continue reading Muse Beta 3


More to Muse On


Adobe Muse Koffee Kart site
Koffee Kart is owned by Adobe and licensed to

I’ve gotten a lot of hits by people looking for the Muse “Koffee Kart” assets. I searched for a bit this morning and didn’t find anything myself, so I contacted James Fritz who did the tutorials on Muse at Evidently the Koffee Kart assets are owned by Adobe and negotiated with them to make them available for their premium users.

James did mention that the assets for “Katie’s Cafe” were done with Muse and are available at I found a page there that has a download link for them here. The actual test site for these assets is

I would like to encourage anyone interested to sign up for and go through James’s tutorials. He takes you from installation to publishing your site in just over an hour with some really good tips in between.

LINK has a good article over Muse on their site. It features some good links, though it’s not necessarily written for the technically minded.

Muse seems to be a hot topic recently, one which I have a lot of interest in covering. If you find any interesting articles, information or tidbits about Muse, please let me know. I’ll continue to cover Muse as much as I can.