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David Kelley, Founder of IDEO, talks to Charlie Rose

Simply being in touch with your target audience’s needs can often lead to huge leaps in practical design. Take for instance most of the products and items designed by IDEO. From ground-breaking medical instruments to simplified consumer products, IDEO knows a thing or two about how people interact with objects.

This short video segment and article serves as an introduction to David Kelley and his innovation-based company.


Flashback to 1984

ClassicMacIconsThe year the first Apple Macintosh was released. Their funky black and blue screen pulsed just slow enough to give you a headache if you stared at it very long and the chunky but extremely cool icons issued in a new era for designers. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first publicly available GUI, giving rise to the notion of a desktop on your computer, a trashcan in the corner to discard unused files and a smiling Mac that let you know everything was okay.

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Are Community Created Logos The Next Step?

When clicked on the logo the once stationary logo comes to life, providing the viewer with a virtual interactive guitar that can be strummed or plucked to the delight of the ear.

Les Paul Google Logo
Google logo celebrating Les Paul's 96th birthday

I’m speaking of one of Google’s recent logo morphs where they reinforce their company’s interactive nature by presenting us with a literal one. In their celebration of Les Paul’s birthday (the creator of the solid-body electric guitar), Google allows its users to be a part of the creative process, equipping the strummable “soundtastic” logo with a record and playback feature. Continue reading Are Community Created Logos The Next Step?