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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design


Today’s post focuses on, you guessed it, the infographic. But not on the infographic itself; how to design it.

As a designer, especially if you’re a general print designer, you never really know what’s going to be waiting around the next corner. Whether it is a billboard, poster, book, postcard, etc.- there is almost always something new to work on from week to week. When it comes to infographics, there are a few special rules to take into consideration.

Enter Amy Balliett’s article for It covers some of the more critical aspects of designing an infographic that might otherwise have escaped attention. It has some wonderful basic advice that is applicable.

Did I mention Amy is co-founder of Killer Infographics in Seattle? The name says it all.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design

More On Infographics


All my readers recognize, and hopefully accept, my preoccupation with infographics. Overused, maybe. Wonderful? Definitely!

Beyond their obvious appeal, they have an uncanny ability to communicate information effectively. Humans are very visually oriented creatures so images are going to carry more weight with us than tons of copy. Continue reading More On Infographics

The Essentials of Typography… Condensed into an Infographic

Typography Infographic

I’m sure anyone who regularly reads this blog knows my passion for infographics. I can’t explain it, I can’t control it. It just is.

Today I offer you the most streamlined of typography and layout primers in infographic form. It does a decent job of summing up the basics from the early Graphic Design classes you struggled through. Check it out here on the TAXI site.