Web Design Trends in 2012

It’s always fun to speculate on what might be around the next corner. Design is a constantly evolving entity, full of its own life. It’s interesting to think that a little nudge from anyone in the design community might have a profound effect on how we view things in the future.

Web Design Trends in 2012


The Compleat Cup: A new spin on old design

Compleat coffee cup

How often do we find ourselves thinking “if only I could make this work better…”? So many seemingly insignificant ideas began this way and developed into icons. The twist-tie, velcro, sporks, any number of wonderful things were created when someone just stepped back and thought about things from a different angle.

In this case the start-up Compleat has developed a much simpler way of dealing with hot coffee. Toss out the plastic lid with the tear spout that cuts your lip. Eliminate the overly complicated cup inset that rotates to open a drinking hole. Discard all the overthought, difficult ways of keeping your coffee inside the cup and what do you get? A cup that folds in on itself to provide you with not only a built in lid, but a drinking spout as well.

Score one for intelligent design.

Fast Company Compleat article