The Art of The Concert Poster

Anthony Dihle gig poster
Gig poster by artist Anthony Dihle

The Gig Poster Designer is one of Designs most creative, and consistently underpaid, children. The mere mention of a “budget” gets most of them snickering, however their creativity seems to blossom in such restricted situations.

The more limited the budget, the more creative these designers seem to get. Recycling old wall paper samples and using hand cut stamps are but a few of the ways Concert Poster Designers have saved money, all the while stretching themselves to excel in their art.

Art Chantry Is one of the most well known poster designers from the punk era, yet for all his creativity, the payment usually comes from the pleasure he gets designing. His contemporaries would all agree with him on the primary reason for working so hard for seemingly no payoff… Passion.

This article sheds light on a few of these unsung heroes and their way of thinking.

The Art of The Concert Poster by Ryan Kearney for


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