Muse Beta 3

I’ve already gone into a fair amount of detail about Muse in a previous post, so if you are looking for a general description or the main features, click the link.   For now I am going to cover the updates.

Muse is very community oriented, therefore it stands to reason that Adobe would listen directly to the community when it comes to changes. Though this isn’t a new idea, beta testing is as old as software itself, it is nice to see that this is an open beta and not one reserved for a small strict group of individuals. They opened the doors to the masses when it comes to Muse and I for one appreciate this.

For the most part, it seems Adobe has fixed bugs in the previous version, about 40 of them. They range from freezes to unexpected errors. Though I didn’t have any issues with these when I tested it, it’s good to know that, for those that did, many of the issues have been worked out.

Another large portion of the fixes are compatibility issues, primarily with IE7 and webkit based browsers. Browser compatibility is an issue for any web design software, but Muse seems to be taking full advantage of  HTML5 to help with these problems. For a complete list of fixes and changes, click here.

There aren’t really any changes to the interface, which by my standards, was already really nice. Over the years Adobe has perfected the way their software interacts and it seems they’ve borrowed directly from some of their big name Creative Suite titles to create Muse

One of the things I really wished they had fixed, that I mentioned in my earlier Muse review, is the redundancy issue. It still seems to me that the repetitive styles, carried over into page after page of css, makes the site difficult to work with if you don’t make changes in the original Muse file. It still exports a separate stylesheet for each page of your site, plus a main stylesheet. No matter how you look at it, if you are concerned about the backend of a website, this is a big flaw.

It’s good to know Adobe is working so hard to perfect Muse. I anticipate by it’s official release, it will be a web design force to be reckoned with.




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