Motion Graphic: 29 Ways To Stay Creative

Motion Graphics seem to be an up and coming way of conveying data. Who wants a boring old PowerPoint presentation when you can have creative, entertaining AND informative motion graphics?

A good example of this is 29 Ways To Stay Creative. It has strong, clean composition with enough of an entertaining factor to hold your attention.



The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design


Today’s post focuses on, you guessed it, the infographic. But not on the infographic itself; how to design it.

As a designer, especially if you’re a general print designer, you never really know what’s going to be waiting around the next corner. Whether it is a billboard, poster, book, postcard, etc.- there is almost always something new to work on from week to week. When it comes to infographics, there are a few special rules to take into consideration.

Enter Amy Balliett’s article for It covers some of the more critical aspects of designing an infographic that might otherwise have escaped attention. It has some wonderful basic advice that is applicable.

Did I mention Amy is co-founder of Killer Infographics in Seattle? The name says it all.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design

Freelancing Tips From Lifehacker

I’ve been a follower of for a while now. They have excellent reviews and posts on just about everything.

This past week they covered freelancing, which I know is the ultimate goal of many of my former students. Here are a couple of links to posts they covered in their Podcast. I would definitely suggest subscribing to their Podcast, it’s usually only a few minutes long but packed full of great information and links.

How To Start Freelancing (Without Quitting Your Job)

Top 10 Tips and Tools For Freelancers