World Without Photoshop

What would the world be without Photoshop? Sadly, many of us can remember… Those lengthy clipping sessions followed by manual paste up, process cameras and, sometimes days later, the final slightly disappointing result.

This video gives a satiric look at how things might have been in 1990, before Photoshop existed.


Vintage Posters for New Movies

Vintage Posters of Newer Movies

The past reaches out to the present, and what better to touch upon than the modern movie poster! These examples of classy treatments of newer movies just beg to be framed. Feel like getting your hands on one? Many are available for purchase. Go to the bottom of the page and click the name of the movie for the link. Or you can go straight to the source for many of these by looking for Monster Gallery on Etsy.

Vintage Posters

Quicktip: Customizing Main and Panel Menus in Photoshop CS5

Keyboard Shortcut and Menu Palette

With a large variety of new tools and capabilities in Photoshop CS5, it’s hard to tell at first glance what is new and what isn’t. Even if you’re aware of many of the new features, you’ve no doubt heard of Puppet Warp, there are others that remain hidden. But don’t think hidden is unimportant.

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Beautiful Italian Home Created From Renovated Barrel Vaults

Luca Zanaroli Barrel Vault Home

Something about the rustic, rough-hewn nature of old buildings fascinates me. Many stand as a monument to ingenuity of their creators, their stained wood and dusty stone hold them tightly to the past and what was likely a slower-paced life.

I saw this and was immediately drawn drawn to it. A wonderful example of how restoration is an excellent alternative to destruction.

Rustic Italian Home

My hat is off to Luca Zanaroli for this incredible renovation and to Inhabitat for finding it.