Are Community Created Logos The Next Step?

When clicked on the logo the once stationary logo comes to life, providing the viewer with a virtual interactive guitar that can be strummed or plucked to the delight of the ear.

Les Paul Google Logo
Google logo celebrating Les Paul's 96th birthday

I’m speaking of one of Google’s recent logo morphs where they reinforce their company’s interactive nature by presenting us with a literal one. In their celebration of Les Paul’s birthday (the creator of the solid-body electric guitar), Google allows its users to be a part of the creative process, equipping the strummable “soundtastic” logo with a record and playback feature.

This is one of the most out-front representations of a new trend in logo design, but it doesn’t stand alone. Universities and creative agencies are now experimenting with interactive logos, giving the viewer a chance not only to admire a well-crafted design but to be a part of the creative process itself.

OCAD logo
Ontario College of Art & Designs student work focused logo.

In May, Ontario College of Art & Design revealed their new pixel-based logo which frames student medal winners designs for the year. The simple set of three connected boxes allows the students a platform of visibility that on-campus exhibits just don’t achieve. This logo will eventually grow to contain a library of versions, all focused on their best student work but all containing the basis of the original design.

Examples like these are starting to pop in all sorts of places. From MIT’s Media Lab logo (spoken about here in an earlier post), to the type-focused BMW Guggenheim Lab logo, agencies and designers from across the globe are testing the waters of what it means to have a community created logo.

Quite possibly the focus is more on the community rather than the creativity. These unusual ideas are becoming more common with the growth of social media, giving people a way to directly effect the figurehead of the project at its source.


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