Sifteo Cubes: Interactive Design Triumph

So far this blog has been primarily about print and web design, but I feel that on the eve of my 100th* post I would open up the gates to other realms of design.

In this particular case, I’m speaking of Interactive Design Triumph, Sifteo Cubes. Now these look to me like one of the most entertaining and possibly challenging gaming systems. Gaming system probably isn’t the right word for it, they seem to cover everything from simple 2D gaming to math and reading quizzes. Perhaps the best term would be Activity System.

The concept is simple. These small cubes have small interactive screens which are set up to recognize and relate to one another. By moving them around one another, you can open new windows, spell words, control simple games… even organize fractions.

The uniqueness isn’t in what the cubes feature graphically, it’s how they respond to one another. Traditional video games use joysticks and buttons to navigate through areas and control characters. Some of the most modern games use geolocation, accelarometers, and internal gyroscopes to allow you to achieve your goals. The concept behind Sifteo Cubes might even be more basic than that… and that’s what makes it revolutionary. It is physical play in a more intuitive, yet innovative way.

The following link will tell you more. And here is a link to Sifteo itself.


*I’ve actually passed my 100th post twice already, however that was when this blogs focus was on my software classes. I would add assignments as we went, then at the end of the school year I would delete them and start fresh.


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