12 Ways Your Logo Impacts Social Media Marketing

All too often designers will let their creativity flow when designing a logo, but forget to focus in on how the logo will be used.

Just as a tip, here’s the way I usually think of a logo:

1. What is the energy of the company? (Are they young and energetic, older and more steadfast…)

2. What message do they want to convey with their logo? (Are they trying to earn your trust? Do they want to show you their playful side or are they all business?, etc.)

3. How will this media be used? (Black and white, full color, selective pantones…)

4. What media will this logo be used with? (Print, billboards, website…)

I always look at all of these before I start coming up with ideas.

In my estimation sizing is extremely important. What might look great on a 30’x20′ sign on front of their building might fall flat at 150 pixels across on their website (or even on those tiny favicon files that are only about 16×16 pixels).

This article covers logos from one of the newest perspectives, Social Media. It offers some good tips and insight into social media logo design so check it out on Jacob Cass’s Just Creative Design blog.


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