Recycling Retro: Consumer Products Come Full Circle

Most in their 30’s and 40’s can probably remember the cheerful marketing of their favorite household products in bygone days. From the lovable grump Mr. Whipple’s “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin”, to the charming child playfully hiding beneath a blanket on the Downy bottle. This type of cheer and smile-generating appeal has been usurped by the “no-spill spout” and “new and improved” packaging elements of modern life. With progress has come drop-shadowed type and gradients used so frequently today to create bold but rather sterile layouts in product packaging.

But now, as if in a salute to yesteryear, many companies are returning for a second look at the marketing plans that made their companies such a success. They seem to be searching for that same consumer loyalty that was so prolific up until the late eighties.

There is much to be said for the revamped looks of some of our favorite products. Take a look at the Wall Street Journal website for more.

For more information on what goes into this retro look, check out the W5 blog.


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