Buncha Links

Usually when I come across some good articles, I like to post links to them for you. Today I’ve found an abundance of good stuff so give this a shot.

1. 10 Mistakes a Graphic Designer Shouldn’t be making

Thought this one had some good information. I read on with a guilty eye through a few of them, but it’s always nice to have a different perspective. http://designtaxi.com/article.php?article_id=101675

2. Are Print Designers Doomed? An Important Look at the Facts

An interesting, and sobering, look at the near future of print design. I’m one of those, like the author of the article, that had to evolve ad print work became more difficult to find. Now the majority of my work is online. Makes you think… http://designshack.co.uk/articles/business-articles/are-print-designers-doomed-an-important-look-at-the-facts/

3. Comic Sans Fights Back

After that last article, I needed something a bit more light-hearted. There aren’t many Graphic Designers that don’t hate Comic Sans. In fact there are almost as many of us as there are those that love it. Here is Comic Sans humorous, stop-motion stand against type-snobbery. Warning, Comic Sans is not happy and his language is rather explicit. Watch at your own risk. http://designtaxi.com/news.php?id=35186

4. 5 Things a Design Agency Looks For When Hiring Freelancers

This article is somewhat interesting, if a bit obvious. For those of you looking to get into freelancing, here is a bit of a window into what Design Agencies want. http://graphicdesignblender.com/design-agency-looking-to-hire-freelance-designer

5. Using Whitespace in Your Designs

This is an obvious one for most Print Designers, but maybe not quite so obvious for those of us that work on the web. A bit of a refresher for those truly interested in making your websites the best they can be aesthetically. http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/design-theory/using-white-space-or-negative-space-in-your-designs/

6. Shading with CSS Text Shadows

This one impressed me. As a Web Designer I always want to push the limits on what I can do. This one provides a good look at (and some handy code for) creating gradient and custom Text Shadows with CSS. http://blog.typekit.com/2011/07/19/shading-with-css-text-shadows/

7. Six Super Helpful Typography Cheat Sheets!

These will probably come in handy, especially for your web projects. http://webdesignledger.com/resources/six-super-helpful-typography-cheat-sheets



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