Quicktip: Quick Changes to type in Photoshop

Anyone who has worked in Creative Suite will recognize the distinct differences in each of the softwares. While there are common features shared throughout, there is one in particular that is only found in Photoshop. It’s a slider effect for type changes.

If you open any Photoshop document, new or previously created, and select the Type tool, then you will notice a distinct difference when you click-hold the icons for altering type in the Characters palette. A hand with a left and right arrow appears.

What does this do? well if you simply click and drag back and forth, changes will be made to your type based on which icon you are using.

Want a larger point size? Grab the font size icon and drag it to the right. Quick fix of leading? Works there too.

The same works in the Options Bar. Just grab the icon and drag it left and right to make quick changes to selected type.

This does not work with the anti-aliasing dropdown, however it works with the following Character controls: Size, Leading, Tracking, Kerning, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale, and Baseline Shift

This is the only piece of Adobe software I have noticed this effect in and it comes in quite handy at times. So the next time you need a quick fix on your type, try the slider options.


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