Placing a Multipage PDF in an InDesign Document

The ins and outs of placing a file into an InDesign document used to be pretty cut and dried. You Cmd D, select the file you want to add, and click in the appropriate spot. That’s pretty easy, but is it possible to place a file with multiple pages into an InDesign document?

As a matter of fact it is possible, at least in CS5 it is.

Start your procedure as you normally would… Cmd D or go to File>Place in your menu.  You’ll notice at the bottom of the Place window that pops up, there are three checkboxes, the second of which is usually checked by default.

Check boxes from Place window in InDesign

If you check the first one as well, the one that says Show Import Options, and select your file, you will get a window that looks like this.

Place PDF options window in InDesign

As you can see, just like when printing or exporting a PDF from InDesign, you have the option of including a single page, all pages or select pages. Hit the center radio button for the All option.

Now begin clicking where you want the pages added. They will be added in order, first to last, so a little planning ahead will save you some time rearranging them.

Similarly, if you want to select multiple images to add, hit Cmd D, then use the Cmd button again while clicking to select individual images.  You can add as many as you like this way as long as they are in the same folder.  They will be added in the order selected so, again, a little forethought goes a long way.


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