App Review: Adobe Ideas 1.2

With every great idea, there has to come a little criticism. Or does there? Here’s what I think of the new features of Adobe Ideas.

When I first compared Adobe Ideas, Brushes and Art Studio, I made the comment that Adobe Ideas fell a bit short of what I expected. Adobe has a long, grand history in top notch design software. From Illustrator, Photoshop and PageMaker, to Dreamweaver, Fireworks and InDesign, Adobe’s flair for creating delicious design software is second to none.

That’s why when I first downloaded Adobe Ideas for my iPod I was a bit disappointed. It seemed overly simplistic and a bit boring for an Adobe product. Furthermore, there wasn’t much you could do with it. It had no mulitple layers feature, no way of attaching a photo and little in the way of fun toys.

In steps Adobe Ideas 1.2 to dispel many of my disappointments and, in my opinion, to put Adobe back in the app market for design software.

Multiple Layers

Now Ideas has the option of adding multiple layers to one document, giving the dimensionality it was truly lacking in the first version. As a matter of fact, the multiple layer feature closely resembles some of their other products (i.e. Illustrator and Photoshop).


Another great advance is you can now add a photo to one of your layers. In many cases I have added photos to my Illustrator documents for placement, image accuracy as well as color sampling. Which leads us to the next new feature.

Color Theme Generator

Take a photo, add it to a layer, then let Ideas create a custom color theme for you. You can adjust the individual colors in the theme using other areas of the photo

Export Features

Exporting as a PDF preserves your original vector image, allowing changes to be made in Illustrator. It can be emailed or uploaded to your computer.

These additions to the updated version of Ideas put a smile on my face. It seems Ideas is now running in the same pack as it’s cousins in Creative Suite.


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