App Review: TypeDrawing

Type “font” into the search for iTunes Store, select iPhone Apps and there are almost 200 different apps that pop up.  Weeding through them, discarding all the apps whose primary purpose is to show you samples of fonts on your device, I found one that particularly caught my interest. TypeDrawing by Hansol Huh.

Of course, as always, I started by reading the app bio and examining the screenshots. It looked promising, the reviews for the most part were really good, so I downloaded the free version. It would appear that the big difference in the free and paid versions are how your images can be saved.

TypeDrawing gives the user the ability to choose a phrase or add one of your own, then paint with it. Interested yet? It’s simple interface gives you text options, font style and size (as well as a speed-sizing feature that makes your type larger when you paint faster), color selection, background, undo and redo, and save options. Though the icons are a bit confusing, (a capital T for the Text window and capital F for the Font window), the overall setup is so simple that it’s easy to learn.

Under the Text window there are three basic sections, the first being an area where you can type your own word or phrase. Below that is an archive of phrases, a few that come with the app as well as any you have used, followed by an on/off slider giving the option of always starting from the first letter.

The Font window features a typeface selection wheel, options for varying size by speed, random typeface generator, size and tracking controls.

The other menu items are similar, each having unique features that are well thought out. Several options for saving a hi-res version (in the paid version of the app) tops off this rather unique and creative app.

The fact that this app is also available for the iPad makes it an extra sweet deal.

Honestly the only negative I found about this app are the menu icons, which are easy to cope with once you start playing. Great stuff from Hansol Huh!


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