App Review: Zapd

Micro-blog format of a Zapd blog

Ever heard the term microblog? I hadn’t until I took a look at Zapd and found this nifty little app to be a blast! Within moments you can create a microblog, customized with one of twenty different themes, and upload your own photos, links or text. I have to admit that within five minutes I had created two of them.

Lubbock Street Art
Homeless Housewares and Feral Furniture

True it has limited features, but many of the themes have a professional, classy look to them. The blogs are formatted both for mobile as well as standard browser views and allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter or email when you make a new post.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to track pageviews as with other blogs. Hopefully soon they will have an update that allows tracking.

I would definitely recommend this for small photo or travel blogs, probably not for heavy blogging though.

The best thing about this app… it’s free!


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