Good Advice for the Freelancer

Stumbled upon this blog entry by accident but it makes perfect sense.

Two things I want to add to this list… it’s important to get real world experience before you try going it on your own. I would recommend at least three years working for an agency, firm, etc.

Also, if you can get a variety of experience then that is better than just riding it out at one place. If you want to focus on print, make certain that at the very least you work closely with a printer.


App Review: TypeDrawing

Type “font” into the search for iTunes Store, select iPhone Apps and there are almost 200 different apps that pop up.  Weeding through them, discarding all the apps whose primary purpose is to show you samples of fonts on your device, I found one that particularly caught my interest. TypeDrawing by Hansol Huh. Continue reading App Review: TypeDrawing


I had a meeting with a new client today and he said those three little words we all long to hear but rarely ever do.  “I love whitespace.”  So few clients understand how wonderful whitespace really can be.

That being said, most of my former students understand how it can be used in print but I’m not sure it’s ever been applied to web design in class. Just in case I’m right on this, I’ve opted to post a link by one of my favorite web gurus, Mr. Boag.  Enjoy!

Brushed Metal Gradient in Photoshop

This is one of the easiest and quickest backgrounds out there, plus it looks great on buttons, type, etc.  One thing you have to remember is that because of the technique, there will be portions of the graphic (on the right and left side) that don’t look right.  I generally just make my file a bit larger than I need and trim it when I’m done. Continue reading Brushed Metal Gradient in Photoshop