Adjusting page numbers based on multiple Master pages – Part III

If you look through just about any text-book, you will notice that often they are numbered differently based on the section. In many cases Roman numerals will be used for the Glossary or Index sections and often the Appendices will have a hyphenated number to help you keep track of which Appendix you are looking at. This can all be done in the same way we have created our sections.

Let’s start out by creating a Master page to cover our Glossary.

Glossary Master page
Glossary Master page

We can set it for two columns but we want to include the word Glossary at the top of each page. Give this set of Master pages the Prefix C, just so we can keep them consistent. You’ll notice when we right click in the Master pages box that one of the options is “Based on Master.” This allows the Master we select to be a reference for the Master pages we are creating. One of the issues with doing this is that it will add the Prefix of the Master it is based on as the Prefix for the pages you are creating. To prevent this, set up your Master pages and then set the Columns the way we mentioned in Part I.

Let’s drag our new Masters into the Pages section to add two new pages between our back cover and our B section.

Added pages based on Master page C
Added pages based on Master page C

The page numbers remain consistent with the rest of the document by default, however we want to set them up with a different numbering system. Select and right click the first page to use your Glossary Master page and go to “Numbering and Section Options.” This time we are going to change the Style to lowercase Roman numerals to give it a bit of distinction. Make certain you have the “Start Page Numbering at 1” box selected.

New Section window for Glossary pages
New Section window for Glossary pages

Because we told it what number to start the new section with, the first page number should be an i. If you don’t see a page number look back on your Glossary Master page. Did you add a page number to it? If not then adding a page number the way we learned in Part I will work. It might be a good idea to adjust the look of these if you are using oversized stylized page numbers to something more generic and simple.
Page numbering for Glossary Master page

In my case I’m centering them at the bottom of the page and knocking them from 36 point to 12 point.

You can continue doing different Sections of a document in the same way. In a later post we will cover setting up Chapters, how that effects the numbering system and what advantages there are to setting up a document with Chapters.


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