Adjusting page numbers based on multiple Master pages – Part I

Last time we covered adding page numbers to a document by adding them to the Master page. This time we will cover the use of multiple Master pages and how to adjust the numbering system based on the Master page.

If you create a new Master page (leave the prefix set for B) and set the page number as we did in the previous post, you will notice that it inserts a ‘B’ where the previous Master page had an ‘A’. This is based on the prefix itself and helps identify what Master page you are on.

The following is after the typeface, size, etc. has been set to match those in Master page A

If the Master page B was set for two columns and certain pages were created from this master, as in a previous post, the numbers will still be consistent regardless of what master page was used. In other words, the page numbers will be in order no matter what Master page was used. Notice the Master page prefix in the upper corners of the pages? Below the page is displayed the page number it is assigned by default. This will change based on how we set sections next.

Lets say we don’t want the first page to have a number since it’s our cover page. The quick way to deal with this is to right click the page in the Pages palette and select the Override All Master Page Items command. What this allows you to do is alter or delete elements that the Master page includes in this page.

This only works for the page selected so it’s not very practical for changing more than a couple of pages. You’ll notice on the actual page that the text box has a solid outline rather than a dotted outline.

This tells you that you are free to alter it however you want. In this case we will be deleting it.

This page is still technically page one so the following page will begin the numbering with two. I’ll show you how to change this so that the second actual page will begin the numbering with one in the next entry.


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