A layout trick for Photoshop

Is the basic Photoshop layout bugging you? You can change it pretty easily. At the top above the menu you should see a section near the right that says ESSENTIALS DESIGN PAINTING or something like that. See those two little arrows to the right? Those take you to presets for your layout. You can change them to whichever suits what you’re working on as well as save your own settings.


wrapping an image around a 3D object

Remember how you were limited in what areas you could paint? The same is the issue with this so make certain to resize your image so the important parts cover the visible surface of the object…

1. create or import your shape

2. bring your image that you want to wrap around the object in front of the object, i.e. move the layer so it’s right above your object layer.

3. Select your image layer

4. In the layer dropdown menu, Merge Down

This is a simple way of wrapping an image onto a 3D object. It’s not perfect but is pretty useful.

Difference Mode in Gradient tool

To do a funky psychedelic effect or a satin background all you really need is your Gradient tool.

1. Open a document, make a selection, etc.
2. Create a new layer
3. Set Gradient tool mode to Difference, opacity to 50% and the gradient default to opaque/transparent as you see below.

4. Simply start click/dragging around at different angles and lengths until you get the desired effect.